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      Love triangle


I am a high school student I recently just broke up with my boyfriend that I had for a year and 8 months.

Me and this girl were becoming good friends because we had both very long relationships and both ones every girl in high school wished they had, so me and amber started having trouble with both of our boyfriends and we both ended up breaking up with them, so it was like a week later and my Friends boyfriend asked me to go hang out with him I didn't think much of it so we we did. That day I did something that will stay with me forever. I betrayed my friend. Me and her ex boyfriend made out.

When we went back to school it was already around before I got there, its high school remember and my friends boyfriend came up to me and asked me "what the hell, we weren't supposed to tell anyone and now it's around school, what am i to tell my ex?"

About two days later I was in class with her and I could no longer go on like nothing happened so I told her everything, she got up and left class. I didn't think anything of it but she didn't come back for a while. I went to the bathroom to see if she was OK and she was passed out on he bathroom floor. I found out she had not been eating since she and her boyfriend broke up. Now everyone is mad at me and her boyfriend.

I will never forget this for as long as I live and I hope that her ex boyfriend gets what he deserves and by the way he is now with a different girl.


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