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      Forbidden Love I got on a plane and headed to work here in Dubai last March 2006. My 3years relationship with my boyfriend was okey who was left back home. July last year I met this wonderful guy who also stays at the same flat I was living. So we get along well, he treated me so nice, so sweet, so caring and thoughtful that he cooks for me, wash and iron my clothes and takes care of me. The problem is he is married and has children left back home. He told me he love me so much and I had fallen for him too much that I know I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. I plan to end my relationship with my boyfriend back home so that it wouldnt be unfair for him but I duno how to tell him.

Right now, we are actually living together and we happily spend each day as if we are a married couple. Ofcourse we were taking extra precautions to keep this thing so as not to reach the knowledge of my family and his family as well.But we anticipate what might happen in the future. In anyhow, we have so much plans about us in the future but I insist too that he not forget his obligations on his family. Responsible as he is, he do his best to provide them all their needs.

I love him so much that I am willing to take the risk of loosing everything when my family learns about this relationship. Somehow, I am worried but my greatest fear for now is loosing him. I didnt ask him to leave his family in favor of me, just having him beside me is enough for now.He says he love me that he's not willing to give up on me no matter what.Just having to hear that from him makes me love him more but I am not expecting so much.Time will tell if this is meant to be. For now we are enjoying each others company and hoping that things will turn out just fine for both of us.


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