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      does he love me, or not?


Okay, so after a lot of arguments until 3 in the morning and too many problems, my boyfriend and I broke up. We had been going out  for 11 months and we were in love. Well at least I was in love and he told me nonstop that he loved me.
Our problems only got worse after the breakup. I thought that being apart for a short time would make him realize what we had was so special and he would maybe try harder and we would have a stronger relationship. Well he had always been the one to lie and go behind my back and do things. I would always blame myself and we would work through it. Well after we broke up i met up with a guy at the movies. Well he found out and supposedly i lied and everything was my fault. Well i was sick of it i would always forgive him and move along but no he holds me accountable for everything now because of it.
Sometimes he will call me up and want to talk and he will be so sweet. Other times he will call and just yell and yell at me and say the meanest things.
I am so confused I do not know if I should continue talking to the guy I've been talking to or if i should wait on him, although i know he is enjoying the single life. It is such a hard decision because when we have our good times they are just amazing, but sometimes it is the complete opposite.


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