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      A true lost love


Almost 20 yrs. ago I met a 16 yr old boy on a blind date. His Name was Gary, But the date wasn't with him. It was his Best Friend Daryl. I dated the best friend for a while and Me and Gary got to know each other, we talked a lot. A short while later Daryl and I split up, I wanted to date Gary, But he wasn't going to hurt his best friend, so we remained friends, but one night at a dance. The last waltz he asked me to dance... and we shared our first Kiss, We later dated a couple of times, till his friend Daryl found out about it and Gary never came back.

Seven years later after I was married and he had just got out of a long term, We met up at a dance and started talking, we formed a bond and our friendship grew. That all ended when my husband found out that Gary and I were having feelings for each other.

11 yrs. later He is now married and has a child, And I have two children of my own, Last week I ran into him and we finally got to talk about the lost feelings that we once had for each other, And the feelings are still there. We want to be together, and we are going to be together. But we both have things to do first. We are both very unhappy in our marriages, and are looking for the true happiness we need, We never cheated on our mates and don't want to, but we have such strong feelings that through all this time, we have made our way back to each other.

This story has a very happy ending, so for anyone who feels they have lost their true love… if it's true love, it will come back and in a big way.


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