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      My Best Friend and True Love


My friend Jen, had a friend named Keenan. I didn't know Keenan until me Jen and him became lab partners in biology. Back then I didn't think Keenan was so hot until I got to know him. He is so funny and he has this charm that I fell in love with, not his looks. Jen might like him though, I'm not sure. I could never tell Jen that I like him because she would freak out. We would be the most odd couple. He's super tall and I am super small. His hands are like twice the size of mine. And, he is half black and has a fro and I am white. There is just something about him though... So, there is a dance tomorrow and so maybe something will happen. I have noticed lately that he has been listening more to what I say like he is really interested in what I am saying. I am in kind of a sticky situation.


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