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One day I went on the yahoo chat thing on the cpu {1st time} and some guy started talkin to me. I found out he was 18 & lived in Baltimore MD. I told him i was 18 so i could talk to him {i'm in PA by the way} He ended up liking each other alot. He had long brown hair, blue eyes, had a good job, and loved to race Hondas. Well, we were "together" for about 4 months and then we had an argument. We broke up and a couple of weeks we started talking again. By that time we were both with someone but we talked all the time. But one day I called him as soon as I woke up to wish him a happy b-day. Are b-days are both in Oct. and he never called to wish me one. He said he didnít b/c I never called him back { he was kinda right, I always forgot} so we stopped talking all together, I was devastated. I wanted to be with him so bad. I kept trying to txt and call him, but it didnít work. Ok, Fastforward a couple months, He texts me one day and I cant believe its him. We talk and then he says that he is going on vacation at Seven Springs in Pa. I live Ĺ hr. away from there, so im so excited. Ive never met him in person before and ive known him for a long time. I pretty know everything about him, so im so scared if hell like me and think that im pretty. So we pull up to the motel where heís staying. I was shocked. He was so handsome, His ice blue eyes reflecting off of the sow was crazy. We totally hit it off. We then went up to the pool at seven springs. Itís the middle of winter and I didnít even think to shave my legs. We flirted so much so I couldnít take it anymore, so I kissed him. It was amazing. He returned the favor. FASTFORWARD 10 MONTHS. He moved from Md To Pa to be with me. He quit his job, got one here, and left all of his friends and family. Iím currently engaged to him and Iím 16. Iím so lucky to have found my love this early. We are so dedicated to each other. Itís Bliss. Internet relationships can lead to the rest of your life. Weíre desperately in love.


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