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      Life plays the funniest games


Having a soul mate to share my feelings with and fall in love with all seemed a bit naf to me a few years ago, perhaps because I never opened up enough for everyone to see my true personality.

When I started a course at a college I was pleasantly surprised to find some really good friends who I could open up to and who opened up to me, one friend especially who has changed my life. We started a relationship that I knew would go nowhere because of our cultural differences and family ties, he knew exactly how I was feeling and I could read him well, he taught me how to be myself.

We always joked that if we're still single at 40 we'll get married, but that's as far as it goes. Now after knowing him for so long and having separated many times only to come back together I'm going to marry a man from my own culture. Perhaps this will be for the best, or perhaps it wasn't meant to be.

But I'll never ever forget what he gave me, and I know he's grateful for our true friendship and love. It will never be replaced and it can never be broken because I've found my soul mate yet we can never be.

Life plays the funniest games.


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