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      Funny little four letter word


Love is a funny little four letter word, but it has the power to destroy worlds.  It's the best present you can ever give.  It's one size fits all, matches everything in your closet, even your shoes, it doesn't smell so you won't offend people.
Everyone says the color of love is RED is it really?  What about YELLOW, God made the sun yellow.  GREEN is the color of grass and trees.  BLUE is the color of the sky, and of course he blessed some people with beautiful blue eyes, you know the kind you never get tired of looking into.  Maybe the color of love is blue!!

The ability to love someone is not always easy.  Love is a natural instinct that we are all born with but our life experiences determine how we love.  How do you love?  Do you criticize then hold them close?  Do you hit then show up with flowers?  or do you cherish every moment and wait patiently for the next?  Do you accept them along with all their faults?  which way do you love?

A sure  way of knowing you love someone.... Do your eyes light up when you talk about them?  Do you smile when they cross your mind?  Does your heart skip a beat when they whisper in your ear?  When your in their arms do you pray for time to stand still, not ever wanting to let go?

Many people search a lifetime for love, I found it once but it went bad.  Those that find it will either tear it up and throw it away, or hold onto it forever. Those that throw it away take the chance of never finding it again,  or they never  want to try again. They just wander through life waiting for time to end, you pass them on the streets everyday, they smile, laugh and look just like you.  The difference is on the inside they are  dark,  cold and lonely.  would you be able to pick someone like this out of a crowd?
     I threw love away and here I sit
                 Which person am I ?
                            Which person are you?


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