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      Thank You


I need to tell you something.....thank you
For reasons I bet you never thought of.
For grabbing me by the tag of my shirt when I'm just about to fall over the edge.
When I'm so angry I want to hate, you make me laugh.
When I feel hopeless, you remind me about some hurdle I have cleared and forgotten about.
I know loving someone like me is hard to do.
        I'm reckless and foolish at times.
                I live too fast and play too hard.
                       I stay up late and get up really early.
          I make lost of mistakes, and sometimes bad choices.
When things go wrong as they usually do you know I only have the best intentions.

The last time I tried my hand at electricity it knocked me off my feet.
      My independence gets in my way, but what other way do I know?
Patience is sometimes a foreign language, and I was absent that day.
      I don't always play well with others.
             I do not like to share all my toys.
                   I usually run with scissors.
I need lots of crayons, not paper, I color outside the lines anyway.
Some days my fashion sense is that of a color blind clown with no mirrors.
       I put other peoples happiness before my own.
                I'm a ugly little pebble in diamond mine.
                       I'm always trying to save the wrong person.
I'm not perfect every time I try walking on water I sink like a dammed rock.
I'm afraid to let you love me because then I can't protect my heart. 
I have been hurt many times and each time it has made me harder to love.  I have built walls all around me, they keep me safe.  I have built a life of one, I struggle to depend on someone for even the smallest things.  I sit on my 
perch behind my walls and watch other people fall in love, wondering when it  will be my turn.  I know I get distant at times and you can not understand
some of the things I do, its because I feel the walls getting weak and about
to crumble and I have to make them stronger.
They say love won't knock on your door forever, it gets tired and lonely by
itself.  One day I know I will let love in , I only hope that when I unlock the
door and open it your still on the other side.
Thank you for being you and for being in my life.


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