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      He Made Me Believe..


I was seeing this guy name Alvin Canilao, I was happy to be with him for a short period of time. We talked about a lot of things & shared a lot of things together...I thought to myself, he is the one. We would always talk late at night when I would wait for him after he was finished with work and we would sleep on the phone together. The following day, I would call him in the morning so I could hear his voice again. Then when I left the house to go to school, he would always tell me, "Have a great day." He told me that he always worried about how I would get home, because I take the bus, and his friend would ask him about me and he would tell him how much he was worried about me and he worries if I made it home safely. I had this one slight problem, ever since my first boyfriend broke up with me it was hard to express my feelings to anyone. One day, he ended our relationship just because I can't express my feelings to him. Then 1 week later, he called me and realized what I told him, about helping me express my feelings than leaving me. We worked things out. I was beginning to show my feelings and I felt more open. One day he sneaked out of work to take me out and watch a movie. We were holding inside his car while he was driving and parked at the top of the rooftop at the mall. He was holding my hand && holding me. It just felt like a dream being with him. Then as we headed to the theaters, he bought our tickets and we went inside and sat in the back, as he was about to put his arms around me, he checked his cell phone and his boss called. He was in trouble for leaving work and he was afraid to get fired. I was feeling it was all my fault. So he dropped me back home. He told me he would call me after work. I waited for his call, but he didn't call that night.. I waited for weeks.. and still haven't heard from.
He told me once, he never believed in love. But one day he told me I was the first girl he was serious with. I thought, maybe being with him I could show him what love felt. He made me believe I had a chance but instead he played with my heart.


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