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      I love you not


My name is Summer and I'm 19 years old .

I had just broken up with a complete loser, and I was going through some major drama when I started to talk to this guy in my history class. You see I'm in junior college and this man saved me. He is 36 and he was so great. He was there for me. he made me believe in myself and even went to the doctor with me when I thought I was pregnant by 'the lose'r I was with before him.

We spent a lot of time together, we took long walks. Long drives and many trips to hotels. But he has a wife and kids .he told me he did not love her anymore. but now she's pregnant again and I'm like " ...if you don't love her than why are you sleeping with her?".

I thought me and him could just be friends, but we can't we just keep ending up back in to bed with each other, and I keep falling in and out of love with him. So I asked him to chose me or his life with his family . He chose his family. He said although he can't stand her but he does not want his kids to grow up without him being there every morning.

He used me for sex and he lied and tricked me into falling for him. My heart is now stone cold. I don't believe in love anymore and I will never love again.

Never settle for less, you should be the only one... not a mistress.

Love hurts but it also fades.


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