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Im currently in 6th grade so as you can see im still very young but when i attempted suicide i was in 4th grade. i have always been heavy for my age and i still am im 5'3 and weigh 148lbs but when i was 4th grade i was being bullied like there was no tomorrow everywhere i turned i was being called "pig" "cow" "fatty" "fat ass" etc. i would come home crying everyday because of the cruel things people said about me. and then one day i couldnt take it any more and i went to my mom and told her i wanted to kill myself and i wanted to ennd my sad life. My mom started crying and t made me feel worse because i'd never seen my mom cry like that. So my mom took me to see a psycologst and i started to gain self confidence. then in 5th grade i got bullied again that time i couldnt take it so i tried to drown myself but my mom cought me she picked me up and yelled at me she said "izabella dont take this out on yourself your a beautiful girl and i would never be able to function again if i lost you" then it hit me that even though i feel pain inside if i killed myself my mom would feel more . then a while back me and my mom got into a fight and i tried to cut myself but luckily i was so mad i made a mistake that saved my life i was trying to cut my wrist the wrong way and then i dropped the knife and started to cry along with my mom and ever since ive been depression free


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