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      broken heart


when i was 16 that's when my life just began i never imagined my future will be that tough and pain be honest i never believed in love until i met him and i thought he was my Mr right but i was so wrong.i was with him for over 6months, i thought i was flying in the sky everything was so perfect  life was wicked but the same person gave me so much pain so many tears and memories i didn't want that's when i realised his not the right person and he was never day i got an unexpected call,it was his wife i was shocked after hearing everything she even told me they got a kid together .later on i found out he was three timing me with other girls,she was carrying his baby as well.After knowing everything i cried my eyes out i couldn't believe that someone would ever play with my feelings like that especially the person i loved so much,after i found out everything i knew he never loved me as much as i loved him,all i was to him was a toy he can play around with. i never thought this would happen to me.I dumped him very next day it was over the phone he never said nothing not even sorry knowing that its his fault his the one who actually hurt me,he  never cared about my life was like hell,my head was fucked up i thought to my self my life is over,every things fall apart he broke my world into pieces,after he left me i cried my self to sleep for weeks,month  until now i still cry for him deep down i still love him even though its been nine months.i don't think i can love any one as much as i loved him.i thought he was only mine but he wasn' can someone actually do this? he hurt me so much,deep down in my heart i can never forgive him because i just cant.
this is my painful story of how i fell in love with the wrong person, a married man.


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