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      True love hurts...


i was 17 at that time now am 18..
a few months ago i was asked out by this guy that came to live in my sisters house, i was also staying over. we got to know each other and i truly fell for him. he told me that he loves me so did i.
he showed me so much love and care that i thought he truly loves me but i was wrong.
a few months into our relationship i found out that his been lying to me, his been blazing and drinking, but he never told me that he had those habits. i really tried to change him, but he just showed me that he changed,he was still messing around.
we had a argument and i told him am going to break up, he said sorry and that his going to change.
so life was going on with our ups and downs.
slowly i realised that he doesn't love me the way i love him, because of him i harmed myself so many times but he just didn't realise how deeply i loved him.than one day i just couldn't take it anymore because we constantly had arguments, i told him i don't want to be with him and dumped him over the phone, he didn't try much to get me back, that's when i realised he never loved me at the first place.
even though he hurt me so much and broke my world to pieces i can never hate him.
my life went on, i tried to forget him but how can u forget someone you truly loved? but i still tried to forget him because i know he doesn't deserve a girl like me.
well after a few weeks i found out that his with this other girl and his been with her since a month before we broke up, so basically he was playing about with me and my feelings, i never asked him why he did this to me i just went on with my life.
i just want to know why he did this because i never did any harm to him, the only thing i did was truly love him and i got payed back like this.
if U didn't love me than why play with my feelings? am i not a human with a heart?
i made the biggest mistake of my life by falling in love with him.
thanks a lot NUMAN u know who you are, u taught me a lesson, because of you i don't think i can truly fall in love again...THANKS A LOT.
am moving on with life because people come and people go but life goes on doesn't it? it doesn't stop for any one.
just remember one thing NUMAN what goes around comes around, one day you will go through the same pain i went through because of day you will regret and that's a promise from me. you don't know the end of playing with a girls feelings,you will suffer the way you made me suffer.
GOOD LUCK with your life...Resh, you very well know who i am?


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