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      My father


I am in a bind here. i cannot see my father for he has done some bad things to me when ii was younger. i am currently 15 years of age and he did these things when i was about 11. just goes to show it, i havent seen my dad for 4 years. anyway, the tihngs he would do: he would touch me and stuff and just, do things to me so i would "feel good". I was confused. i wasnt sure if i should tell someone or not. he always promised that things would be ok and that i am safe. well, i didnt feel safe. to make up for things, i guess, he would take me out and buy me video games and things. i always felt spoiled but maybe i was thinking wrong. eventually i found the courage to tell someone. when i did so, i wasnt allowed to see him.
the next few years really SUCKED. I began cutting and throwing up. well, i did the cutting for a few years, stopped for 7 months and now i am doing it again. also, ive always had weight problems, wether i was too heavy or not heavy enough. its always been that way. right now, i am defiantly too heavy. i am 5 feet 5 inches and i weigh 147. i know its alot..
Well, thats my story. thanks for letting me share.


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