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it all started in 8th grade when i saw her picture on-line she was beautiful she was my best friends sisters friend word went on i had a crush on this girl and she instant messaged me one day her name was Jessica a beautiful blonde we talk on-line for quite a bit until she started dating a guy in her freshman year of high school i was a sophomore i got over it until one day i decided to call her in school and he answered confused of who it was because her jealous b/f before deleted me number but now she had my number..her and that other guy had broken up and i was unaware until she came to one of my lacrosse games and called my phone a million times i was a junior in high school we started talking and really get to know each other so we began to date we've been dating for about a year and 7 months until now she docent know if she wants a b/f or not I'm heartbroken i have no clue were to go what to do i havent felt like this in so long maybe there is a possibilty we get back together ...we have in the past i dont know hopefully things workout for me


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