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Ok, heres my story. So there was this guy i met my 8th grade year of school and i met him at a hangout spot for teens. He was almost 2 years older than me but that wasnt an issue. We liked eachother from the start and after a long while we decided we should be together. It was cute we did alot of stuff together and he was so sweet...he seemed like he knew everything right to say. So we went out for 2 years and then he cheated on me. My heart was so broke i cried almost everyday and i just couldnt bare to think about it at all. My parents hated him after that because they saw how crushed i was. I forgave him as dumb as it was but i couldnt stand being without him. I had to hide this from my parents and when i went to go see him every night i had to lie to my parents about where i was going and it was so hard but i did it because i really wanted to be with him that badly. We were going good for another year and he started drinking heavily. He told me he would quit for me because i told him i had enough of it. I live with an alcoholic..i dont need another one. So 3 days after he "promised" me he was going to quit (not saying he could never drink anymore and not being controlling about it because it was a decision "we" made) he told me he was going to hang out with some friends and i was going to do the same. So later that night me and my friends decided to go check out a party, not to drink, just to see what everyone was up to and who do i see there? yes, him, and he was drunk. Wow, so i wasnt trying to talk to him at all. So the next day i go over to his house and he comes out and sits on his porch and puts his head in his hands and starts getting really tense. I asked him what he did because he was acting so guilty...i figured i was going to get an appology for him drinking when he told me he was going to stop and after a long while he finally admitted he messed around with someone at that party. I was so crushed, what a total opposite of what i was thinking i was about to hear. He broke me right make it even more worse..he got with that girl for the next 3 nights. He treated me like shit after that and i know i deserve better. How could i want someone back after he put me though all of that? its so hard to understand and i still dont get could i devote myself to someone so much to just be treated like i was nothing? Never make someone you everything...because when theyre gone you'll have nothing...


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