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      My trip to Kharkov/Ukraine


Katia and Richard (the USA)

Like so many men, I have spent many years passively hoping to find theright woman with whom to share a life. After some time, I came to aconclusion that it would be interesting to try and meet a lady fromsomewhere outside my own borders, outside my own world. As I becamemore open minded to this venture, I was left with two questions: Where?And how?

As I researched this thought, I found out that there wereagencies to aid in this possibility. However, I had heard so manynegative reviews and read many articles involving less-than-honestagencies and front looking to gain from an unknowing individual. Idecided to look into it myself. Sure enough, many agencies appearedshady, complicated or very impersonal. I stumbled upon Mordinson website, which appeared professional, inviting and simple. There was apersonal touch to it, which drew my interest. My instincts told me thatthere was something reputable about an agency willing to put theirpersonal name out there for everyone to see. I decided to give it atry. My instincts proved to be correct.

In the beginning, I sent a few letters to ladies if interest.As advertised Mordinsons translated each letter and within days Ireceived responses. As time continued, I began to know a few ladies; Iused other services offered through Mordinson. I sent flowers to theladies and received outstanding photos of each receiving this gift. Ielected to arrange telephone conversations as a means to personallycommunicate questions, thoughts and dialogue with each lady. Atranslator was present in each instance to better provide understandingand communication.

Finally after time, I took the plunge and arranged a trip to Kharkov.My own interest and curiosity made it too appealing to pass up. Theletter and conversations with the few ladies I had the chance to knowmade this trip a natural next step to be taken.

I was met at the airport in Kharkov by Michael Mordinson.After the length of my correspondence with the ladies, I had felt I hadknown Michael for some time as well! I have been pleasantly surprisedand impressed with the accommodations provided. I was provided with aschedule of times and places where I would meet each lady. Theseinitial meeting, which were pre-arranged between the Mordinsons andmyself, take place in local cafes and either Michael or Darya Mordinsonare present to aid in translating. The photos of each lady on theMordinson web site are brilliant and so many of the ladies arestunning. However I can honestly say that the ladies are even morebeautiful in person.

I have found each lady to be honest and sincere. They possessa certain charm as well as basic values, which are often difficult tofind in my own culture.

The trip to Kharkov has been an extremely worthwhileadventure. Kharkov has a rich history and there are many historicalsites to see. The people you meet on the street seem to go out of theirway to overcome a language barrier. Michael Mordinson has gone out ofhis way to insure my stay has been comfortable. He has workedtirelessly to ensure I have been well taken care of. Darya Mordinsonhas been available and willing to help me during my stay. For theMordinson family, it is easy to be personal as it is their business, itis what they do. This is what has made my experience with Mordinson sosuccessful. It is the combination of professionalism added with thepersonal nature, which makes the outcome successful. I would be leavingout an important element of their service, if I did not mentiondignity. Everything about Mordinsons is handled in a dignified manner.I would highly urge any man who is open minded enough to try finding abeautiful, special lady through unconventional means to seriouslyconsider Mordinsons.

As for myself, one of the ladies with whom I had beencorresponding with did stand out. Katia is not only beautiful; she isintelligent, fun and sincere. She has a genuine nature that is rare inmy own culture. With every day spent, I come to appreciate her more andmore. While I do not know precisely where our bond will lead, I do knowthat when I return home it is not an end. The time with Katia has beenthe beginning to wonderful and bright future.

Richard, the USA


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