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      Broken Hearted again


I have always been a hopeless romantic at heart and always had a boyfriend even since I was 15 years old. Then tens years later, I got married and that last about ten years until I caught him with another woman walking out of a motel. I was devastated and there I was with two young children. I then divorced him and a few months later a friend hooked me up with a neighbor who was also divorced. We hit it off and later he proposed and a year later we married. That marriage lasted over ten years until he decided he wanted a divorce. I later found out he had another woman waiting in the wings whom he later married. That divorce really done a number on me. I was so heart broken! It took me over four years to completely recover from that. During that time, I had dated and met many men only to have my heart broken time and time again. I met a guy two years after my divorced and went with him for three years until he met someone else. It has seemed to repeat itself since. I even met another one later and stopped dating two other guys to go with him for a year only to find more heartache. I really found a great potiental with that one and was totally devastated by a sudden breakup and noticed he was growing distant toward me in the last couple of months of our relationship. I aimlessly just began dating others without any hope of getting serious again because of my bad experiences of the past. I even stopped dating altogether until I met someone on line through a dating site over a year and a half ago.  We became very very close and he was here for me through the death of my father and some other serious problems in my life. Then he decided to move to Alabama from Washington state to be with me. He helped me so much and I become so dependent on him. He moved in with me and stayed with me for a few months until his 17 year old son moved down three months later and then my two kids moved back in with me too. It got a little too crowded so he and his son moved out. They moved about 16 miles away. We have seen each other but our relationship has changed quite a bit. Now I have just learned he is about to go visit someone else who lives up north for two weeks. He had become distant toward me for quite someone time and knew something was up since I have gone through this so many many times before. I have totally given up on finding happiness in ng a lifetime partner. 
This is my sad story.



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