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      The Painful Past


This was about 3 years ago when i was a sophomore in high school.  i was in a biology class and had never had a relationship that lasted more than a few weeks.  He was a junior at the time, i knew he was a new student because i had never seen him around before.  At first i paid him no attention he was just another guy.  One day we got to talking during class and he eventually asked for my number, and being new to the whole guy thing i had never actually had one call my house before.  We started dating and of course i fell head over heels with this guy thinking we were perfect for each other, he had told me he felt the same way. 
A couple months into our relationship he told me he had something to tell me.  He and his dad had went to some army thing, and he had talked to a guy there about the army.  That's when he told me that was what he wanted to do with his life.  I was completely supportive, but i knew that would mean he would have to go far away somewhere for basic training.  And sure enough a couple more months went by and i noticed he was acting different a lot more quieter than usual.  One day he pulled me aside on my way to class and out of nowhere he told me he wanted to take a break.  i was so confused he said it had something to do with going to the army.  He left to go to basic training, that was the worst summer of my life. He wrote me about 4 letters the whole time he was gone, telling me he wanted to come back marry me and start a family together.  
It was about 3 days till he was coming home i was so excited, everything was going to be back to normal again.  I got a phone call from him.  He said that he loved me so much and that it would mean a lot to him if i would go with his family to missouri to pick him up.  So stupid me went and as soon as i saw him i melted, but i noticed something wasn't quite right.  All these other couples were crying and hugging so happy to see each other and we weren't.  He avoided me ever since, i called him and asked him if he wanted to date anymore and he said i don't know.  that was the last phone call we made to each other, my heart shattered into a million pieces.  I never had closure, i never forgave him i wish i could contact him somehow and tell him how i feel.


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