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      Totally Broken


Well I got to know this guy who was friends with a friend, and we both liked each other so met up and started going out. He said he loved me, i said it too, i didn't believe him at first because my boyfriend before him said it too and that was a lie. but i got to trust him, until i found out he fancied someone else, he hanged out with her and saw her more then he saw me, but assured me it was just a crush, and that he was in love with me. i believed him, and our relationship got better again, sometimes he would ignore me, and i'd feel unloved, but I'd stay with him because i love him and wouldn't want to lose him. then one day he told me he'd done "bad stuff" with other girls, including the one he fancied. i was angry at first, and burst into tears and thought i should end the relationship, but he said he still loved me and i loved him so it would be stupid to end it over a "drunken accident". i  guess you could say we were on a break for a few weeks, but he kept on doing it, with the same girls, and even more too. i was so hurt, but he told me there was no point in our relationship anyway because i was boring and i didn't see him enough. i actually pleaded him daily to try again, and not to break up with me, but he just kept saying he couldn't be bothered with me and "us". he recently also said he doesn't have any feelings for me anymore, but says he DID love me, and is "hurt" that i don't believe it. But you don't just stop loving someone after like 2 months, you can't...he carried on doing more things with girls, and i pined over him all the time, it affected my work and I'm at a crucial point in school with exams and coursework, which was being affected. this is very recent, and i keep trying with him, i cant imagine being with anyone else, i hope i get over it soon, but it was just so perfect, i cant go on without him, and i cant believe what happened, and how everything good never ever lasts very long.


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