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      When can you trust LOVE!!!!


We started out being friends. We had the prefect friendship our lives were paralleled. We could talk about anything. I was coming out of a relationship 10 years of hell and he was too, but he was still married "seeking a divorce" . At first, I didn't want anything but friendship until the divorce was final, but love doesn't wait. And it didn't help with him being so good to me especially after being with someone for 10 years and never felt loved ( the only reason why I stayed in the relationship was because of our daughter, BIG NO NO). Over time, I started feeling that it was more. He would say things like "God bless him to meet me!!' and "He will hold on to me no matter what!!" We would go places and just have a good time. The sky was the limit!! Throughout this whole time I kept asking him was he sure that I was the one for him and if he was ready to settle down with me and my daughter. You know trying to give him the benefict of doubt, coming straight out of a marriage I thought he would want to sow his royal oaks. But of course, he would say "I am still here sweetheart" and "I am not going anywhere". Finally, I give my heart to him and why. A month later I was sitting on the crib with my bags packed. He had kicked me straight to it. I had even moved a little closer to him so we could see each other more and that is when hell broke lose. Now, he is saying that he had change his mind and he is not ready to be a father figure to my daughter eventhough he would tell her that he was going to be her stepdad one day. He doesn't have emotions so it is easier for him to let me go. He can't be my Knight in shining armor because I was a good woman and I deserve much more than what he had to offer, but he would always be my friend. WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT!!! And right now, he feels obligated to come by and check up on us. I can't get him to go away eventhough he is seeing someone else and I am not because I am scared to death of falling for another man that is out there playing with women emotions. I am 31 years old and my heart aches as if I was 16 in a puppy love relationship. I cry and cry because I can't understand why a 33 year old grown man had to play with my heart like that. I did all the right things. I respected his marriage and waited for me to tie up lose ends and this is what I get in return. So, my question is when is love safe. I will be 32 in January and I don't want to grow old by myself. And this is the magic question why is he pursuing this friendship. I have cursed him and not answering his phone calls, but he will not let go of it completely. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND THIS!!!


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