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      The Story That Hurt One Heart, But May Be A Lesson To Many


D & J were lovers. They had the most romantic valentine’s any lovers could ask for. On that night, D attempted to express his lovetowards J. He bought her his very first rose to put a smile on her face. They got together and started on a very sweet and blissful journey together. But things went rough after a couple of months and they were separated.

D found himself another girl. D & J had lost touch since. A year has passed and J fell in love with another guy. D & J lived separate lives and things were all good.Then another year passed. D broke up with that girl and came back to J. He then realised she was the one he truly could not afford to lose but at the same time knew he can’t have his way now because she belongs to someone else. He stood by her and did all he could to make her happy and be her best’est friend. But J,having heard rumours about D’s unchangeable bad “habits” could not surrender herself fully to trust D the way she used to.

D sensing herwithdrawal himself also withdrew.

-a couple of months later-

She realized she could not actually forget D. Due to that, her love for her current bf started to decline and their relationship went on the rough edges. Eventually things came to a final straw and they broke up.

D & J did not keep in contact since until months later when D got drunk and said thing she does not usually say. He confessed his heart and said he doesn’t deserve her. He said he missed her and he’s curious what he means to her. But J, still unable to trust D, did not let herself go and she did not utter the very truth.Deep down within her, she wanted to tell him “D, u mean a lot to me. So much so that after 3 years, you are still the one I love most and I can’t get myself to forget you. I do not usually need a man beside me but I truly need you. Truly no one could replace your positionin my heart. I LOVE YOU.”

But she kept them all in. Instead she said, “You’re drunk. Go take a rest. You don’t know what you’re talking about and maybe even who you’re talking to.” But D, in his drunken state said, “I know who you are. You’re J.” She smiled. But yet again, she was not willing to spill her heart for fear of getting hurt.

D made a few little attempts to get her attention and she finally gave in to him again. They started going out a couple of days (just for old times’ sake). Deep inside J,she felt the sparks once again. But she acted like it wasn’t there again for fear of getting hurt. D, in his very old personality, did not attempt to clarify anything and once again left things hanging in her disturbed mind.

Just a monthlater, D suddenly landed himself a girlfriend and was very proud of his newgirl. It was obvious he is all out to “announce” to the “world” of his very new sweetie pie. J was once again left in a state of confusion. At times blaming herself for being so stupid to trust him again, other times feeling deeply hurt for his irresponsible acts, but most of the time wondering what she has done WRONG to deserve a 2nd exact “treatment”.

J, once again left to struggle her way out all by herself, without knowing the cause of her“death”. She might have expected too much or perhaps it was one-sided all along. But only they knew if that kiss was real.

Disappointed to the brim, J made a hurtful but firm decision that this is truly the very finale. She has decided to rid D completely off her life as if they’ve never met.


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