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      Is this Love?


I met him three years back when I was in grade 11. That time I didn't know We would become such good friends. We talk on the phone sometimes. Most of the times just email each other. But we always can tell each other what's in our hearts, that we can't tell anyone else. But when we had met the reason was another girl. He did get hurt because of that girl. But that time I told him, made him understand that she was never worth it.
You deserve someone better. Since then we became so close. He's never flirted with me. but I have teased him a couple times. I still do sometimes tease him if he found the perfect girl yet. Every time I say this I think can I take that place in his heart. I don't know why I  think like that. He's told me that we're just friends. The more I am getting to know him, The more he's pulling me towards him. It's like there is a small rope between us either he will break it or make it stronger. For a couple of months I didn't speak to him. I had been through hell. Everything was going wrong. My friends were upset, my family dissapointed. my studies messed up. My workplace made big mistakes.I couldn't concentrate on anything. Suddenly he was online one day.
I told him how upset I was with him. his phone didn't work anymore. No email responses. He said sorry. He had gone to india to meet his parents. That's why. He also had an accident he didn't even tell me about it. I was so upset with him  but when I heard his voice I melted just like an ice cream. I still haven't asked him about it til today. I checked my email couple days back. He seemed upset about his mom. He only came here for her. He loves her a lot. I told him not to wory God  is not harsh he will listen to our prayers.
I felt this weird feeling never felt before. He even said his parents are looking fro a girl to get him married So he asked me if I know some nice girls. I teased him i'll email u the list of girls but i'll put my name on the top. He said do what u like. But I didn't know any girl that would deserve him. He deserves someone sweet like him.  We have so many things in common. I didn't get to wish him his birthday. Work and family kept me so busy. I did email him. Hope he got. I don't know if this is Love. But I do know he's the most special person in my life.
I am thank ful to God that he gave me a gift like him.


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