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      Blind Love


Ok well, It all started in the year 2006 at a Primary school, In Australia. I walked in the classroom and i saw faces, all different ones, some familiar, some not. A few weeks later, i met this boy and it all started with a smile. A friendly smile.
Now i know his family, i used to meet him at the park at 5 'o' clock everyday. i heard that he was going to ask me out on Monday, but he got too nervous and asked my other 'friend' out instead, why? I wouldn't know. We dont talk anymore, he's all into her and i am so upset, she knew i love him yet she decided to go out with him.
If he comes to the park now, he brings his new girlfriend. It does suck. He never talks to me, he ignores me, and he sticks up for her, and never listens to a word i say, i am 12 and having a broken heart at this age sux.


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