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      forever kind of love by: "heidelberg"


I call her Tiffany and I treasure her dearly.  I love her since we are graders but it was unspoken because I was then given only a maximum of two years to live due to acute monoblastic leukemia. I survived that ultimatum and graduated high school in 1966. We met again when we are both college students in 1968 and happiness consumed me.  She was totally unaware of my sickness because I preferred to be discreet about it. Our mutual relationship was stagnant; she is not ready to a serious commitment yet because she prioritized her studies while the after effect of my illness haunted me.  I did not want her to suffer the consequence of losing me to a deathbed so soon.  She is a lady full of hopes for a better life ahead of us.
Time flew so fast and I temporarily forgotten her for so many reasons and seasons for almost a decade.  I was forced then to marry a neighbor to save her from her suicidal attempt.  This marriage bless me with six children of two boys and four girls.
One year after my marriage, I met Tiffany again, she is likewise married to my good friend and batch mate. From then on, I continued to look after Tiffany's welfare and monitored her life until I became some kind of a stalker to her. Sad news flabbergasted me when Tiffany's husband died of accidental drowning in just barely three years of their marriage bliss. Mixed emotions were in my heart,  Happy because she is free again, I wanted to court her again, but my utmost respect for her overruled. I did not want her to be my "mistress" because I am already a married man. Life has been so bitter for me since my marriage.  Full of resentments, I should have pursued my Tiffany then, rather than tie a lifetime know with this other woman. When we were younger, my love for Tiffany was suppressed because I am dying of leukemia, now in this second chance for us, it still cannot be because of the "till death do us part" vow I have committed to the mother of my children.
After four decades we met again in our high school reunion.  "What happened to you, to us" was her first ear-breaking question.  "I was dying them" was my upright but short answer. She continued to reveal that she was engaged to her husband for seven long years and in the duration, she has been waiting and hoping against hope for me to marry her.Amazed of her revelations and happy for her affirmation, we both could only cry for that very touching moment. The flames were rekindled, but we are both committed to our respective families. Tiffany remarried after 13 years of widowhood.
Time cannot erase the pure and honest love we both keep in our hearts for decades.  We agreed to make our feelings of love the only language fluently spoken in our hearts. 
Hope springs eternal and we both believe that this kind of love - pure, honest and clean cannot atrophy. We are happy and the best of friends now.  We have our communications open and we claim that we will be made one soonest.  After all, love is lovelier the second time around.  By the Lord's grace we stand, and in His love we conquer!


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