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I'm 20 i was always a firm believer in love and its existence the way it may come into our lives and touch us. deep inside i had a hope that i too will find the one i love, i went on only dreaming of that day only hoping using other guys for my own amusement can you believe that there is girls out there that can do that, i did it sometimes i feel bad about it sometimes i don't. I'm over sensitive i have always been that way i want the truth and nothing less nothing more but most of all i wanted to be loved i wanted to be cherished worshiped i have finally found that person i could never ever ask for more he made me cry of happiness he made we wail in joy. i love him with all my heart all  my soul i live for him ill die for him he makes me want things that i have never before wanted that i have never before dreamed i could have he makes me complete he changed me into a person that feels more loves more. so far it has been the best 4 months of my live and i cant wait for the rest of our lives together he is all that i need all that i want to need . i am in love i want it so much to last forever i dream to be kissed by his lips to be touched by his hands to feel the breathes of his mortal air whisper along the sees of my dreams i wish for a lifetime by his side a faith that keeps me going strong a grace bestowed on me so strong it makes me want to life it makes me want to carry on it makes me want to see i no longer dream of true love i see it when i look in his eyes i feel it when he calls my name i know it when i lie beside him in a cold winter night his warm embrace keeps me from the fears i once had I'm naked before him i am to be his forever.


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