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      Nothing Hurts More.


For all my life, I never loves anyone as much as i love this guy. It started when i was 10 years old. i often being bullied at school. He came to the rescue and the first moment i looks into his eyes.... I felt a great sense of feeling.

He is a very handsome guy. He was protective, caring and he was the hottest guy in the entire school. I know being the weakest and the ugliest girl in the entire school(not really), i don't had the right to fall for him or even dreamed of going out with him.

Throughout my primary school years, i maintained being his best-friend. i helped him out with his homework, and when his duty day came, i willingly agreed to take his place. i did everything that i could do to be with him.

I know.... my situation is really bad. My feelings towards him grew stronger each time he showed that he cared about me. When my grandpa died he console me that God just love grandpa so much that He let grandpa rest a little earlier than us.

After graduating from primary school. We continue our study in the secondary  school. I was fortunate enough to be in the same class with him. Again being the top student, i often helped him out with his studies. I really tried to show that i really cared about him.

My feeling grew stronger as time went by. I finally made up my mind that i will tell him about my feelings towards him. Just before i told him about my feeling, he confronted me. His sad looking face and his dissapointed eyes tells me that something was wrong. I cancelled my plan and i talked asd asked him what was going on.

He told me that he had arrange a date with a girl but the girl betrayed him. That girl is having a date with another guy and he felt very sad. After everythung came back to normal, i tried once again to tell about my feeling.

To my great disapointment, he is dating with another girl. I feel so deseparated and left out. The made up my mind that i'll just love him from the distance. I know it's so hard. Jealousy often had controlled over me. I never told him about my feelings. I don't want to ruin his happiness with his girlfriend.

Seven years had passed since i fall for him. I still was in love with the same guy. He had transferred to another school, following his girlfriend. I really missed him a lot but life must go on. I often tells myself to forget him but i never succeed. But somehow i still can hide my feelings.

I hate to see the one i love happy with somebody but i surely hate more to see the one i love unhappy with me. I will wait for him until i found my really true love and live happily ever after.


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