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It was a beautiful night when .......hmmmm. It all started in the room i still remember the audition room when i was in for a drama and she was in for a dance performance. I don't know how it all began but it did not a crush not a charm and it all started. I don't know what i saw in her she wasn't beautiful nor was she extraordinary but something about her kept me bringing back to her. 9th, i just gave a superb performance in a drama and was awarded the best performer i had no thoughts about the performance or drama but about her who had some spell on me, not love not crush but something beyond explanation.
Gathered some courage to go up and say "i like u" that was the way to speak plz be my girlfriend. Smiles to go miles but no reply, she smiled and smiled and laughed but did not hurt my feelings, but there was not a yes nor a no leaving me in bizzare situaation. Days past by and i struggled for a month with a friend an angel i should say helped me find my way to her heart. Things went by and some friendship started after weeks of hardship and true feelings but I had no clue what those feelings were. It was not love but wasn’t attraction as well. Some thing inside me said “be her friend”. God blessed me on my birthday.
2 beautiful yrs of studying together, a couple of in fact a lot of fights and misunderstandings, but nevertheless a true relationship is that took us all the way. I remember seeing her in classes and her strict no café rules and policies. In the first month she said I won’t come to the café and won’t meet you cuz her values didn’t allow her to do so but her heart was busy beating for me. A couple of moths and we started meeting daily, in the good old boring café. Talked about things and matured with life and talks understood life, it’s aims and meaning together. Committed to each other and caring for too we lived hours together in smiles and happy moments around us. Cried and weeped , laughed and smiled all were our story lines we were writing without realizing that it might prove to be a 2 yr friendship worth remembering the rest of my life. We dated and talked, and her commitment to me I can never ever forget, she would teach me every subject without realizing her loss of time, my success was her success. Her unconditional love grew so deep that I was not good enough to return it some times, infact most of the time I found her way ahead of me leading our relationship. Life went by and so did we. There are so many memories to write about in this story of mine and I believe it was the only love story I had in my destiny but it was precious enough to give me such good memories of life I can never forget till death.
I know we won’t meet again in life and adieu is the last word of our story, but still I can assure you that my short love relationship gave me so much in life I didn’t expected life to be so beautiful. I know I will fall in love again and I will meet someone to spent my life with, but  my first love will always be the person I’ll be looking for in different form though. No one can be like her as she was beyond explanation but if I find somebody close to her she’ll be the first person I’ll compare to.
Thank you God for blessing me with her. I am in canada and she is in india and our love has been lost in the streets of time in the journey of life.


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