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      My unrequited love story part II


Here I am again, posting new updates

Two days ago, I missed her alot and I planned to send her an SMS, here is the log:

Me: Hey, How are ya doin'? congratulations for buying a new mobile, * am I bothering you by these messages?
She: Hey, everything is good thx, u? No i'm just so bored
Me: I'm tired, I've been copying some text for 3 hours
She: What were you copying?
Me: I was copying chemistry lecture, By the way I like your mixed (english/(my mother language) language.
She: Aha ok, I do too, so what's new?
Me: Nothing. I just wanted to apologize for the time I left you and ignored you and your messages, It was impolite, But I had a reason which I will gladly tell to you if you don't know it.
She: I don't care if it was polite or not, I thought we were friends and that we couldn't depart thats what I wrote in that poem if you still remember it, Anyway what reason will make best friends act like strangers? Nothing I guess...
Me: You mean that there was no reason for what I did?
She: I'm sure there was, but was it worth not talking to eachother?

Me: Well, last year when you left your boyfriend I got happy (i know its not nice being happy in this case) but you know my situation, I was happy because i thought that finnaly i will have a chance after years of fighting. But when I heard that you and your boyfriend got back to eachother i was TOTALLY shocked, then I made the decision of leaving you.
She: And now you are talking to me because one of my friends told you that my relation with that boy is over, otherwise you would not have to talk to me?

Me: Right, I can't be happy when you are with someone else, Sorry.
She: What? is that why you are talking to me? and you said sorry I thought you meant it, how could u say that?!!!
Me: You got me wrong, remember when we were chatting, everytime we had a problem it had direct connection with your boyfriend's subject, we had no problems about any other subject, but now its over, I assume we won't have such problems.
She: Ya well cheer up, won't you sleep you have school tomorrow?
Me: Yah I will study lil bit, Thanks for your time, good night
She: if we are friends don't say words like " thanks for your time ", Sweet Dreams..
Me: ok.
I feel so bad, I'm back to my old situation, Thinking about her "ALL" the time, why can't I stop thinking of her?
Why can't I have a normal life? It's my final year and school and i need to focus on my study, But I cannot !!
Dark tunnel, I don't know to which direction I shall go.

Part II:


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