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my boyfriend and i knew each other in middle school and reunited years later while working together. we were dating for about 4 months when we decided to move in together, we were both so excited. so we moved into our first place and lived together for about 4 months there then found a bigger place and decided to move into another place together because we were happy together. he always expressed how much he loved me and how he wanted to marry me someday. then i found out i was pregnant and we both talked about our options. he then approached me one day and said "babe, i am really scared and young, but i know that i love you and i know that together we can do anything. so i think that we should keep the baby and raise him/her together." i was so shocked, but excited at the same time! so we of course had our ups and downs and the stress, but for the most part things were good. then one morning he said that he wasn't happy, and he needed to think about our relationship and do what was best for him. but he said the we were still "together." next thing i know i talk to his friend and he says that he had brought over another girl that and wasn't really sure what to make of it, but thought he should tell me considering i am pregnant. well it turned out that my boyfriend was unfaithful to me for about a month, and left me for another girl while i am seven months pregnant.


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