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      Im young and hopeless


Like most love stories, this one started out with us being friends. I remember the day that i started to actually think about an us.It was our 8th grade graduation dance. When he asked me to dance i actually thought nothing of it but when we looked into each others eyes, i knew that there was something there. We started to go out after the dance. it was wonderful when i was with him i felt alive and happy.I didn't care about what other people thought about "us". I was soo happy with him! He was my first love! He allways wrote poems to me and by me. He acctally talked to me about getting married! he told me he loved me almost every day. I thought nothing could go wrong unitl i had to move to California(b.t.w. this is in Tx) He said that we were going to find a way to work it out .  well when i moved we talked everyday for about  5 months until  the day i wished never happened. he brokeup with me because he had found another girl... my heart felt like it broke into a million pieces i hurt so bad. i cried for weeks. my world came crashing down. after that we didn't talk  for about a year until his sister gave me his number and told me to call him. i did i found out that he was engaged to another girl. i was strong enough not to cry over the phone while i was with him . but thankfully they broke up, afterwards he started to do drugs and he almost died from an overdose because he thought nobody loved him . i let him know that i still loved him with all my heart, he said he still did too but i didnt know weather to believe him or not. now it has been months since we have talked i dont think that he will ever know how I REALLY felt. I wish that i could one day tell him everything i feel. as much as i want to hate him i cant . When you truley love someone you love them forever.


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