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      My Unexpected Love


I was currently seeing someone where the relationship was falling apart.  I never knew why it had to end but I knew that I was sick and tired of hurting every time we were together.  I had ended the relationship on a Thursday night and knew that if I was to ever find love, it wouldn't be until God showed me what love at first sight was.  That person happened to be knocking at my door to visit me with an old friend. 

I never had met this person before but I knew there was something there that sparked my attention.  We talked for hours that night and he assured me that he would be coming back to visit me the very next day.  Surely enough he was there waiting for me at 3 o'clock on the dime, just like he said he would be.  My mother was currently visiting me at the dorms of my college.  I told him that she was here and he said that he was not afraid to meet her.  Soon enough introductions and hands had been shook to the point where I felt comfortable.  Mom left letting me know that the next day the family was going to Kings Dominion and there was an extra ticket for me.  As I was unsure about how I would make it home and back on the limited gas I had in my tank, this guy popped up and said he would take me home and back to school for my parents. 

After the details were being finalized he and i sat watching movies and talking about every thing that someone looking for love would want to know in their new partners life.  The hours flew by and the next thing I knew I was kissing him and holding him as if I never wanted to let go.  We fell asleep on the phone with each other and talked as soon as we could the next night.  Sunday came for him to drive me back to school and he not only carried everything for me, but he also made sure that I was settled before he left.  That night I felt like I had not only found my true love, but I finally witnessed love at first sight and first hand.  He surprised me the next day by showing up to he school again.  He did it again the day after that and also continued to surprise me with visits here and visits there.  Sooner than you could say bibbity-bobbity-boo we were together.  I was unsure how to react to the feelings that I was having for this person because i have never witnessed these feelings before.  He recently lost some family members less than a week apart.  I was devastated that he was going to be gone for so long, but I knew his place was with his family.

The day he got back we were inseparable.  It was as if we were attached and no one could pry us apart from each other.  My family loves him and his family loves me.  Even though we are both very young, people have already said that they are preparing the wedding date for us.  I never want to leave this man and I hope that this is what I really have been waiting for. 

One last thing, God...thank you for giving him to me.


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