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      My unrequited love story


Year: 2002
It all started on Paltalk. a software which is used for chatting online.
I was in a room where I met someone from my town, We talked to eachother for some time, After that I saw her in the club, From the first moment I saw her my heart beated for her.
Few months after meeting her, I decided to tell her I love her.. Unfortunately, she refused me, because she already had a boyfriend. And she wouldn't tell me who he is.
I stayed with her for about 1 year, Kept on telling her how much I love her and wrote poems to her. But that had no affect.
Until the day came, when I knew who her boyfriend was, His father is a VIP in the government.. He is not cute, he has no feelings as he has done many troubles in our town and his family is known as a very bad one.
I was always wondering how did she love such a guy..
Anyway, After knowing him I started talking to her about it and she told me that everyone tells her to dump him because she deserves a better guy, But she wouldn't do that because she love him.
I never knew what happened to me, Maybe I was hyptonized by love or something like that, I mean how could I love someone who doesn't love me!
Days passed, and I started to know her friends in order to know her news (related to her boyfriend). One of her best friend told me that once the girl said (the one I love): I don't know with whom I'm in love, with that guy or with my current boyfriend.
However, she never told me she loves me, But we used to be best friend that she told me her secrets.. etc
During that period, we had many troubles, I was getting mad because she kept on loving her boyfriend..
Her mom and friend talked to her and told her to leave her boyfriend, and she decided that she will leave him, I was so happy then, But i don't know what happened that made her change her mind and she got back to him.
After she got back to him (4th october 2005), I decided not to talk to her or even say hi to her. which is something I did..
Before 2 weeks a friend of mine called me and told me that she had dumped her boyfriend forever, and this time she will not get back to him, Again, I got happy, What a foolish I AM!
I mean, maybe she will do like the other time? Maybe she will get back to him? No one knows..
Anyway today I sent her an sms asking her how is she doing, she replied with " Ok thanks, why are you asking? "
When I told her " Am I not allowed to ask? " she said You never wanted to and never did.
And I replied to her by telling her that I asked about her from her friends everyday (I did!!!!). But she said you didn't ask ME how i was..
I sent her a message explaining that I needed some time to be alove and to review myself..
But it's been 2 hours and I didn't receive any reply on this message..
what a foolish I am to be in love with her for 4 years! yet she doesn't love mer
What a foolish I am to leave her on 4th of october 2005, If i only relaxed and not made that decision, she may have been mine now..
But I guess i will never be able to love another girl except her, And I won't be happy unless I get her.. May god be with me and help me!


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