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      Over and Over


What is it with my heart and falling over and over?

As a 23 year old, you would think that I would have learned something about love by now, wouldn't you?

Au contraire! Instead my heart has become used to the exquisite pain of love. The aching, the butterflies and the rejection...
Never quite making it onto the pitch.
A permanent spectator to a warm-up gig

As an otherwise very well functioning human being, I find myself full of catacombs of lost loves.

The dull ache of loneliness eating away, eating, eating...
Until one day you don't notice the gaping hole inside.
Then, unexpectedly something triggers you,
a word, an expression, a look
And back you are transported to the one behind you.

The tears again want to fall,
but they are stubbornly clinging to my eyes
And I am again left asking "why me?"

Self pity overtakes me as I feel the same things,
over and over...

Love, loss, death, all intertwined
But all I want is to be intertwined with you.

a heart, once broken, cannot be fully mended,
it heals, but the scars are left behind
and each time, it remembers the pain,
and old wounds are renewed.


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