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      Green eyes


When i was a freshman going into my sophomore year I finally submitted to getting a myspace. It became the center of my life for many months! I met people from almost every state and developed relationships with a Yankee and a Cowboy. Of all my "online lovers" as my friends would jibe at me, there was one who was least expected. I requested him through another friend I had who was a funny and interesting character. So i started to chat a little here and there and make some small talk to keep things unawkward. Finally, I asked him where he lived. Little did i know he was sitting at his computer nearly 6 houses down the street from mine. My heart sank to discover that there was a boy down the street and i was about to become "the girl next door" 

our friendship grew into a once a month thing and we would discuss things such as our love lives and such. We had fun. Many months passed and i dated a friend of his. That was short lived but he and i continued to talk. our once a month friendship turned into twice a month..come January he told me the news. He was leaving for connecticut because of his dads new job, come August. At the time i was indifferent considering we barely knew each other. My 16th birthday was just around the corner and May was when the best summer i ever had began. His parents left for their new home and left him behind to live with his friend. We spent almost our entire summer together..making memories, learning lessons, eating unhealthy, spending money and maturing and growing in each other sunlight.

I was his shadow. He invited me to a concert for a band which he really liked. Of course i was more than excited to go! My feelings for him started to develop into more than just friends. He became my best friend. My FIRST best friend. That night at the concert..We kissed. With only a week remaining until he had to leave for his new life..we spent every waking moment in each others presence. The day he left. my heart was broken.

I had to say goodbye to my first true smile..and my first true love. We talked every night..and he came home for two more weeks..Those two weeks he was home .. of course we spent every moment together! Two days before i had to see him off again..he asked me to be his girlfriend. And without hesitation there i was ... standing in his arms. We had to say goodbye..and there he was standing at the terminal.. As tears welled in my eyes..i recalled every smile he put of my face! That last glance we shared was a almost a month ago...and he will be home to see me in two weeks.

I know that even if this is my first love..i know that my first love will always be the one who gave me my First Best friend! Although my girl next door dream wasn't everything i dreamt for it to became more than my dreams could grasp. I miss him more than ever and i cant wait to share another smile with him again!
I love You Wesley!
-green eyes


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