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      She's Not Pregnant, just Very Alone


I said I would report back, well... here's "The Rest Of The Story." 

She's not pregnant. 

She throws up every morning. This past weekend her mom just had enough... All the signs were there that she "MUST" be pregnant, but at this point she has not told her mom that she had never even had sex.  But her mom takes her to the hospital to get checked out. The doctor asked her questions about sex, but she told him the truth in front of her mom and dad.  The doctor took a sample and ran a test. 

She is %100 not pregnant. But her parents aren't happy at all!!!  They will not talk to their own daughter. They are upset at her, why?  Not because she had sex, but because she had sex with a guy who does not want to be her life long partner. So they drove her back to her College Town and dropped her off without a word spoken to her in the 2 hour car ride. 

She has no close friends. Her Mom, her Dad, and me are the only people in her life she loves and trusts. 

So lets see here... Mom and Dad won't speak to her, and then there's me, who dumped her. I feel bad for her. Do I come to her rescue only to be friends with someone - to help them overcome their grief of me dumping her, or leave her alone in a world where everyone has dis-owned her.


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