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      So much for my happy ending..


A lot has happend between me and this guy..
Ive been only with him for about one and a half years..
I was scared in the beginning, really didnt want to open up to somebody, get emotionally attached or even getting a boyfriend..
But i did..after a wonderful vacation after high school graduation with some friends, i let go of everything and gave him my all.

I admit, i wasnt perfect with the relationship, i had a lot to learn, and i had parents whos beliefs were a bit strict..
he wanted me to sleep over all the time or come and sleep at my house, cause its normal here..
but my parents didnt want to, not yet when it was so fresh.
he hurt a lot of that..but that didnt mean that i didnt came..
i used to lie to go to him,just to watch him sleep and see his angel face..

Well i have a lot of temper and sometimes we faught a lot..but we always ended up with each other..
Cause hey..he was the guy that i wanted to be with, i was in love.

After a couple of months my parents loosened up cause they really liked him and understood that i wasnt their little girl now i could do that a lot..
so i did.

After that he started to fight a lot, and sometimes i wasnt so sure that it was healthy for us to be with eachoder..
After a stupid fight one day we kinda broke up..
And he was leaving for a vacation one week with his family..
before he left i apologised, and during that week we missed eachoder intensly. We'd text eachoder all the time, and we were back together.

He came back and i had missed him so much..
We got into a stupid little fight that night before i was going to his place so i ended up not going.
thinking it was a fuss, that we would speak the day after..
Cause i really loved him and i was hurting..

Well the next day i hear him say that he went over to a girls house, a girl ive always had problems with cause she had a crush on him..
well during the course of those days i heard that he ha cheated on me.
He had slept with that girl..and not only that, he had slept with another girl during our relationship.
I was crushed, i used to cry myself into sleep every night.

I really loved him..and somehow we started to talk again..
he apologised all the time, and cried..and everything.
I was such a foolish girl, i listened to my heart who only had innocent fellings and i started to forgive him.

During the course of the summer we became one again..but i didnt want to tell my parents..cause everything about the cheating part had created a lot..and i wanted to be super sure before i took him home again.
well i really loved him, thought he had changed, thinking we had a future together cause i really thought so..

Well to make a long story straight, he just broke up with me..the same night i told my parents. And not only that..on the internet..
he said that he would always love me and so on...
that he had a lot at work..
well a lot of lies..and i still was loving him.
like the fool i am..
well today he brings the news that hes in love with another...Just 3 days ago he was kissing me, telling me how much he loved me..
now hes telling me to let him bee..that he doesnt want me..and beeing evil..
what have i done?:( NOTHING..the only thing was to love him.
i cant seem to stop all feels lika a bad dream..


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