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      Love story of two young people


When we were in 2nd grade, I had a classmate named Garlic(not his real name). Garlic and I were competing in almost everything, and we always teased each other.

But as if it was made by fate, we were seatmates in EVERY SUBJECT, and it puzzled me a lot. Our classmates kept teasing us, about me and him being "it".

I don't remember how or why, but that valentine's day, we were all required to make a handmade gift for someone in the class. I made a special bookmark for Garlic. He simply said "Thank You", but the rest of the day went on normally.

I had a crush on him for 2 years, and then he became my classmate again in 4th grade.

Since he was part of the group of friends I was in, we were all asked to spill who our crushes were. I was a bit disappointed since I wasn't his crush. He had a crush on "Ladylily(not her real name)". But it was too late, I already spilled out his name.

As always, he ignored it and went on with the day as normally. Then I got a chain message in my inbox, saying "Your True Love will Love You As Much As You Do if you send this to a number of people". I laughed my heart out, but I thought, "hey, it wouldn't hurt to try," so I followed the message.

Nothing happened, or at least that's what I thought.

1 week later, at about 9:28 pm, I got a text message in my cellphone.

"I am in love"

I thought, is this a practical joke?

I pressed the"down" button, and then came the biggest surprise of my life.

"..with you, Anne.."

We beame a "mini-couple", meaning not really real, but if your crush and you have the same feelings towards each other, you're a mini-couple.

I never saw him again after graduation, but he will always be my first true love.


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