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      The wrong Mr right!


I met 'him' on one of my nights out. He was lovely, older than me and gorgeous. We met up and went on a few dates. We had such a good time we used to sit in our cars for hours on end and just talk, he understood me so well! nothing ever sexual ever happened between us, although mentally it was there.

One Sunday I got a text from him saying he couldn't see me any more as he was married! He said his marriage was over and was waiting for his wife to move out. I didn't believe him as they'd only been married 3 months. I still wanted to be friends and he was fine with that.

We carried on meeting up and our friendship grew stronger, I was falling for him although I didn't tell him.

I Met someone else younger than me and he adored me. I then recieved some bad news, I had to move out of my home but I couldn't afford anywhere else, my boyfriend suggested we get married and get a place that way. I reluctantly agreed. 'He' told me that his wife had moved out and they were getting a divorce, but it was too late, the wedding was already arranged. I got married and moved away, I didn't think I would hear from 'him' again, but I did! We chatted loads and got even closer. We told each other we loved one another. He started seeing someone else and she moved in with him. He told me he still wanted to be with me and he would wait for me and the other women was just there for fun! One day I told him that I had had a fling with someone else, Well that was it, he cut all ties with me, slightly hypocritical some might think! Now i'm still with my husband  but there's not a day goes by where I dont think of 'him' and regret my fling and losing my true Mr right.


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