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      He left me after a year


Okay so yea I'm in high school, and yea many relationships never work out in high school. So I thought I wouldn't get hurt or attached. I thought we were going to be a month long relationship. But I fell in love and so did he.

He was romantic, sweet, and he was there for me whenever I needed him. He was the perfect guy. All my friends said they wanted a relationship like ours. We went out for a year and two weeks. My longest relationship by far. And I was madly in love. I thought he was too. But I started getting mad because he was always gone for basketball tournaments. So one day I got fed up with it and yelled at him like I always did. But this time Ithink I took it too far. He broke up with me.

I kept denying it in my head and kept telling him "so you never wanna see me again, you wanna put all of our relationship to waste?" and he kept telling me "what are you going to do when I go to college?" (he's a senior and I'm a junior). Things were great. I lost my virginity to him. So I figured this was just a HUGE fight and he would call me tomorrow, although we never got into fights like this, just small ones.

The next morning there was no call. And I was a wreck. All I did was stare into space and think of everything I did wrong. My friend came over and said "You need to wake up and get you're act together. You look like a mess, and I think we need to just have a girl's night out so you can't think or him".

I didn't want to all I wanted was to be in his arms and him to tell me everythings going to be okay. But that never happened. Just two days later he went out with another girl. she was a nasty little bitch to me.

Justin finally broke up with her after 1 month and 6 days. I was going to try for him again since I was not even close to being over him. So I asked if we could be friends again. Now, all we are is friends with benefits. I feel like a slut whenever I even walk into his house. I want more again. He said he'll ask me back out soon but he's been saying that for about a month and a half.

I'm just going to pretend to get over him and hopefully soon i will.


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