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      best friends forever


It all started when we were still in our elementary years. He was a transferee in our school with no friends. His mother used to go to school to send him food during lunch.I have lots of friends in elementary.One of my friends who is also happens to be his friend introduce us. We got along well and became best friends. Soon enough he shared to me all his whereabouts. I just listen and sometimes i do the same. One day i realized that im falling for him though i know that shouldnt be the case since we were still young but thats what i feel for him. I never thought he felt the same way to. March 7,1997 came and confessed his love to me. I was so happy that day because all those time i thought his feelings for me is only for friendship. Our relationship went smoothly and our friends are happy about it though we just hide our relationship because we are pretty sure older people wouldn't agree. One day i found out that our valedictorian is head over heels in love with him. She didnt know that we are lovers. she ask me to set time for them to talk. I asked him but in return he asked me if i will agree. I agreed to it since it will be for friendly talk. But to my suprise the other day the girl told me that they were already lovers. I was so sad and i confronted him about it. He denied it and said that its not true. Soon enough i believe him and we were able to save our relationship.
Graduation came and he was said to study in the countryside and i in the city. We parted ways for 6 yrs. In that span of time he was always on my mind. Six years passed. We were already in 3rd year college. Our paths crossed again. We still have the old feeling deep inside but to afraid to show it since we were separated for 6 yrs. We started to get along well with each other. He picks me up at school.We talk for hours on the phone. For a while things were fine for both of us until one day he had to break a very sad news. A news i never thought would happen to us. He broke the news gently. He told me first his whereabouts for the past 6 yrs. How he missed our friendship and how he missed the fun that we had before. I also shared to him my whereabouts. Till he mentioned that he impregnated his currrent girlfriend. Things seemed falling apart for me that day. I thought that he will confess his love again to me. Indeed he confessed but it was to late. He is not sure of marrying the girl and he asked me this exact words "just say no and i will not marry the girl,i already lost you for 6 yrs. I dont want to lose your for another 6 yrs or worst forever."
By that statement i just lost words to say to him.all we could do that time is to cry because we know we can never be together again and i dont to take him away from the baby. We have to let go of each other and let the love we once had die a natural death.
Now we are living separate lives. Ive know from a friend that he did not marry the girl.
Its better to wait for the one you love that to settle for the one you dont love...


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