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      Love turns nasty


I was young, 16 when he came into my life. He was the idle of my life. He did everything for me, he even cried whenI went away on holiday. Told me he was missing me like crazy. He waited 6 months before I slept with him. I wanted to know he was the one and if he waited I knew he wasnt around for sex.

I got pregnant, then it all went down hill like water down a drain. He didn't want the baby. He turned to WEED. That substance has ruined my life. He started calling me at first. The signs of parnoia crept in slowly. He said I must be having an afair. Not before I was pregnant. I must of met someone whilst I was 6months pregnant

I Moved in with him in a nice house. Weed soon got him a driving ban. He lost his job. Then started using me as a punch bag, not literly. He pushed me, banged my head on walls. At night he'd get some money off me. Have a joint. Suddenly he was the nicest person ever. The person I used to know.

The key rule is weed took over my boyfriends life. He had it all. Now he has nothing. Just his messed up drugy mates who all smoke pot.

Soon my son wont have a dad coz i believe he'll go to higher things. 1 yr later he's on the coke


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