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      Unhappiest Love ever!!


who took my heart 4 years ago...

He was stationed in the army in Germany, near Roth and we met at a club. His mother is German, so he speaks German too.

So we called each other often. And just once we had a date. And on that evening we had so much fun and I was so in love but so depressed. We went out for dinner and we laughed all the time, I had the best time in my life! That was just this one night, one kiss and one guy which my heart is still in love with! For 4 years....

When he needed to go back to USA, he said goodbye, we didnīt kiss just a big hug! And we wrote letters as often as we could and we had pictures from each other and we called often.

But I did so much mistakes. And now I am married with another guy, I am not happy, so I broke up almost 4 weeks ago.

And the whole time I was together with my husband, I thought about this night! It was so different. I didnīt brake up with him, because of my thoughts of the one, there are some other stuff.

But now I know, if I will be old and will look back at my life, that I can say, this was my biggest love Iīve ever had! We just had this one kiss and nothing else, and when I think about it right now, there are so many tears in my eyes, because I know I will never see him again!

I used to have the chance 4-5 years ago to be with him and I didnīt give it a try. Maybe I was so depressed, and didnīt want to get hurt again or something like that!

There are so many people you met in your life, but just one will take your heart!

Now I just want to know his adress, to send him just one letter. But I know that it will never be possible to give this letter to him! I donīt even know where to start searching!

And I know there will be no second chance to do things right! Well.. I hope, but I know that this guy was/is and will be my love forever!


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