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      Friendship is not all there is...


We're friends...i should say best of friends.
We knew each others secrets...(even the most embarassing ones). We never entertain the thought of going beyond friendship could offer. He had a couple girlfriends / flings (- some only lasted for days), and I had mine as well. It lasted for about 6 years.

There was a time though that we stopped texting with each other. (Got too busy with work). And it was the same time that my boyfriend cheated on me. I was so depressed then, wondering if I can ever move on. I loved him that much. That despite of what he did, I was still willing to win him back (when it should be the other way around, right?!). I was looking for somebody that would listen to me.

It was then I realized that I haven't talked to my bestfriend for a couple of months already. So, I texted him a couple of times but he didn't reply. 1 week afer, I was nvited to join an activity of the organization that we both joined years ago. I wasn't expecting to see him there.

When we got a chance to talk, I told him that I broke up with my bf. I was so surprised that he broke up with his gf as well. On the same that with the same reason as mine. From then on...we spent time together.

Until one day I woke up, realizing that I'm falling for him. I can barely believe it...that I am falling inlove with my BEST FRIEND. Worse came to worst...I found out that he's trying to win his gf back, which he never mentioned to me. And the dreadful day came...he's back to his gf's arms. He never told me at first.

I decided to text him for the last time. I told him that I've done my part as his bestfriend, that I need to move on with my life as well...without him knowing that I need to move on because of him, that it would be a lot harder for me because for the first time, I found true love which is not meant to be....


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