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      A rose is still a rose


I had just transferred departments as an assistant in a busy University in town. My boss and I just never seen eye to eye in the old department, so when I moved the stress of it all had made me put on a few pounds and the idea of dressing to impress was a joke to me at that point.

It was a few weeks into the new job and it was morning and I was going to fill my kettle for that early morning, caffeine boost to jolt me into reality and there he was. He was lovely, blonde hair, blue eyes oozing charisma, just sitting there. I could feel his eyes on my back as I filled up the kettle and I walked away swinging my hair trying to do my best walk.

It was fun then, passing each other in the corridor, staring across the canteen as if no-one was there. All the secrecy because he was a mature student and I was staff. It was really exciting.

When he talked to me I forgot my own name, my heart beat out my chest and I found it hard to breathe, usually I was bright and bubbly and always joking but not when he was around. Its not like I am a sad older woman who craves the attention of a young man, because he was 3 years older than I was.

The University had planned a trip up North and he was one of the group who had organised it. I gathered my mates and we all decided to go and I thought this is my big chance, so we went, I got changed into my red dress and felt like a million dollars, or as much as you can when you have been travelling for four hours!!! There SHE was blonde hair, blue eyes, 6 foot and absolutely model like I would have mistaken them for twins if they hadnít been kissing..

My Bubble had burst and I felt stupid in my red dress miles from home, thinking I had a chance with someone like him.

Months passed and I seen him around but when I seen him I made sure I looked lovely, got up early to and started dressing to impress.

He started to take notice of me, I knew it was wrong but I like it, I knew he loved her and they were soul mates, He flirted with me and he flirted with everyone, he knew he could get away with it. One day he asked for my mobile no and I gave it to him, he sent me steamy messages and the electricity between us grew, I played along but I wanted us to be more than we could ever be.

As you guessed the inevitable happened he sent me a message that basically said I want you all the time, and I will always want you all the time, and after he got me he never wanted me anymore. I seen him today actually and he knew Iíd been on holiday and I thought I looked good and he asked me where my tan was.

A lesson for the girls confidence comes from within donít try to cheapen yourself and if you do a Rose is still a Rose no matter who tells you different.


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