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      betrayed, bothered and bewildered am I


It will be our 3 year aniversery today and the man that I love that I gave up my career my life for is walking out the door.

We met when I was 21 and he was still only 19 yrs old. it was a real romantic story we loved to tell over and over again. As time pased yes like all couples we had our share of fights. I think each were equal to blame.

3 months ago he moved into my house where I live with my parents. We were going to save to get married and buy a house. now he hates my family... which he says he always hated and says he doesnt really care about my feelings anymore. He says when I cry it disgusts him. That he liked me better when I didnt have an opinion.

I dont want to sound vain but I did every thing, and bought everything for this man. I devoted my life to him thinking he loved me too and we were going to share the rest of our lives together.

I gave up my dream as an acterss/ singer and worked at a daycare so I would not have to travel far from him. I convinced my parents to move closter to him, nowhere near where I'm from.

I lost all my friends and now he's leaving me flat.

My heart is towarn to pieces. I am empty. I dont think there is anything worse than that.


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