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      Too Late


I fell in love with a girl I met once I moved to Georgia.

I knew that I had feelings for her but I wouldn't tell her. One day I told her best friend about my feelings.

I was hoping to find out if she had the same feelings for me. To my surprise the best friend told this girl that I liked her right in front of me. When I saw her reaction I felt as though she did not share the same feelings so I blew it off and told her that we were just friends. I felt embarrassed and rejected so I hid the truth.

I went three more years hiding my feelings even though they were growing more and more each day. She met someone else and that killed me inside. I would never let her know this because it would show my love for her. Finally graduation came around and after that we parted ways. Months went by and I didn't speak or see her. One day I started thinking about her a lot so I decided to call her. I found out that her relationship with this guy was really rocky and she told me that she wanted out of it. At this point I confessed my love. All the emotions that I felt came rushing back and this time they were too strong. I just couldn't bottle my love any longer. I fell completely head over heels for her and always wanted to be with her.

It was great for a while. I had what I longed for for so long. I guess that all good things must come to an end because he came back again. Like a fool she fell for him all over again. All of a sudden my world came to an end. I got the cold shoulder and he got all of her attention.

I now fear that I am too late because I don't think she will ever give him up. I hate to see her miserable and depressed when things aren't going right with him and it kills me that I can't make her pain go away. I guess that no matter how much I love her I will always be second best to him.

So now I live in constant misery because I lost what meant the most to me; the love of the one who I love the most.


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