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      The love story...


It started as me and my friend went to a theme park, we were bored and wanted to meet some new people to chill with! When we were in the queue for a certain ride we noticed a group of boys were looking towards us, and we couldnt help but smile...
Automatically my eyes were drawn to a gorgeous tall, dark haired, tanned boy, and i couldnt stop looking at him and my friend liked his friend.
Then we lost them for the whole day, we were about to leave when they walked past us ever so casually, my friend was ecstatic and couldnt believe it so we followed them and ended up going on a water ride because she had heard them over talking about it! They didnt go on the ride and i got drenched. But as we were getting off the ride the boy my friend liked handed me a jacket and asked me to look after it, i agreed and then we walked off and waited for them to finish. Then they came back and made us go on the ride again and this time as we got to the drop that boy held my hood down and i got soaked.

After i commented why did you do that, and he goes you look good wet. I didnt realize it then but he would be my love the one person who i could spend the rest of my life with.

I explained to him that my friend liked him and got his number for her, they set off and we followed them and we had to leave deciding to call them to let them know we were leaving we realized that he had given us the wrong number and we pursued him and got the right number again.
We got it and said goodbye where we first laid eyes on them. During the whole journey back we started texting each other making conversation about my friend where he admitted that he liked me. Usually i dont even do that kind of thing especially as i didnt even like him, but something made me think about it.
After a couple of weeks we got together and were together a while where i gave myself to him, we were blissfully happy and had so many good times, i had never loved anyone as much as i loved him, and up until this day i dont think i will.

Then the unimaginable happened we broke up, after months of talking about kids, marriage and spending our lives together, at that moment my heart shattered into a thousand pieces i cant even begin to explain the pain that i endured, it was the most agonizing excruciatingly painful experience, i couldnt stop crying for months, and my health deteriotated, while he just forgot about me, we still made contact occasionally, but soon after it stopped i found out not that long after that he was dating again.

It took me a year and a half and i can say that i am over him but i will never love anyone as much as i loved him and its mad to think how things work out, considering i didnt even like him to start with and then he ended up breaking my heart and leaving me by myself.

I still close my eyes and can smell him and taste his kiss...


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