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      I will never forget him


He was my nieghbor.We live in a connected house. We're only feets away from each other. We had knowen each ohter since childhood then he left, he moved to florida. We were kids then and very imature. Love wasn't very important then. He came back a couple years later. I was 12 he was 13. I didnt noe it but i slowley falling in love with him. I am now 14 and he is 15. We have bcome closer each and evryday. I have fallen for him. he is always on my mind.

He noes i have feelings for him. But i have not told him. Whenever we're alone it feels as if teh whole world has stopped. he is truly my best friend. He tells me about his ex and i feel jelouse sometimes but not that much. im afraid to tell him my feeeling for the fear of getting rejected and our friendship breaking apart. or if he accept me as his girlfriends we might one day breakup and friendship willl be gone. i keep my feelings to myself aobut him.

My friends thinks we make a good couple adn tries to get us toghter but we both agree to be friends and only friends but my heart ahces for him. i will always luv him no matter what. We have spent countless moments togther where im so open to him about my feelings with everything thats going on. i nos i can tell him anythig but i will always keep my feeelings for him a secret until the time is right.

WE always went to parties togther. WE would dance with each other all the time and all night. Sometimes we would close and dance. There were sparkings flying. I always tried to think of us as only frends that my feelings we not real for him. but it just wouldnt transmitt to my brain.

i really love him. my heart ache for him evryday. he has been on vaction for almost a month now. he hasnt even returned any of my calls. i haerd rumors he may not come back. im really depressed right, but i try not to show it. he his the only one i ahve bonded with so much i can tell alll my secrets and trust him to keep them as he trust me. i miss him so much adn i noe wherever fate takes me i will love him always. I will never forget him. I noe he has soem feelings for me. I have heard and seen it. he makes my world turns. We can be miles away from each other but our hearts are forever atttached. i luv him and would give the world up for him. he noes that.


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